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How to spend free time with us?

Have you decided to spend time on the Kokava line and wonder what you would like to try? Let's take a look together. Continue below.

Hiking opportunities

In 2009, a wooden tourist lookout tower was built on the Jasenina hill, thanks to which there is a beautiful view to the south from a height of 10 meters. There are 32 steps leading to the lookout tower, from the top of which the Yugoslav Basin can be observed.


At the view there are benches and a large table, there is the opportunity to relax. You can get to the lookout tower on Jasenine on a marked red hiking trail from the nearby village of Ďubákovo, while the hike takes about 30 minutes.

The lookout tower is 4 km from our cottages.

A pleasant entertainment program in Novohrad has recently become a very popular rafting on the river Ipeľ. You can float on  canoes and rafts, or you can also rent paddleboards or electric boats. The rafting of the river Ipeľ is suitable for beginners, families with children, individuals or groups.


You sail through nature directly in the protected bird area of Poiplie. The banks of the upper Ipľa river are lined with beautiful Slovak nature. This country is rich in rare and protected animals. You can see foxes, roe deer, deer and countless other animals.


The rafting ends at the Kalonda shipyard. Rafting Ipeľ with children is best on rafts, the whole experience lasts about 1.5 hours. The more adventurous canoes can try, from Holiš to Kalonda in the length of 10 km. 


There are private pools near the cottages. Swimming pools nearby: Rapovce, Miraj, Hriňová.

Modified cross-country trails

In Látky-Mláky, 6 km from the cottage, you will find groomed cross-country trails for classics as well as freestyle in various lengths from 700 m to 10 km. The tracks are regularly maintained, the shortest circuit is also suitable for beginners with children.

You can rent running equipment of various sizes directly from us, even for children.


Personally, it is one of our most popular places for cross-country skiing, especially because of its location, because most of the trails are located in sunny meadows and in nice weather there are beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.


The tracks continue to feed on the routes towards Prameň Ipľa, from the Prašivá saddle, which is located on the road II / 526, about 5 km from the cottage.


Resort Kokava - Line is located 200m from our cottages. Slopes of easy difficulty, at an altitude of 600 - 800 m, have a slight incline, so they are especially suitable for beginners, families with children and ski lessons.


The area has a snowmaking system and in addition to skiing or snowboarding during the day, there is also night skiing. The total length of the slopes is 2 km.


The services of the area include ski service, storage room, rental, ski school, buffet, restaurant and accommodation.

The resort offers excellent skiing at great prices on snowy and regularly maintained slopes


Is an  available at the Hotel Zerrenpach. A private sauna will be added right next to us.

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